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Convince Your Manager

You already understand how important it is to attend Service Management World. No other service management conference provides you with the same quality sessions, keynotes, and networking opportunities. Let us help you show your manager and company the tangible benefits of attending.

Convince Your Manager Template

We have a business proposal template that you can update and share with your manager that explains the value of Service Management World. It demonstrates how you, your team, and even your boss will benefit from your attending the conference.

For Your Proposal - Top 5 Benefits of Attending

While you are thinking through what the benefits that attending Service Management World will be for your organization and your team, below are the top reasons attendees tell us they choose to attend each year.

Stay on the Cutting Edge of Industry Trends

Service management industry experts from a variety of backgrounds attend and present at Service Management World. Dozens of solution providers and thought-leaders will be demonstrating their tools and services to transform your organization. You will absorb a wealth of industry knowledge to share with your coworkers and supervisors. Attending Service Management World will help your business stay on the cutting-edge of industry best practices, solutions, and techniques.

Gain Topic-Specific Expertise

The tools, techniques, and strategies you learn and bring back to your department will benefit your company's operations. Attending Service Management World gives you access to a program developed by practitioners who understand the current needs of leaders in the industry. You'll be able to customize your experience with topics such as customer satisfaction, metrics reporting, knowledge management, and learn valuable techniques that foster a top-notch support staff.

Make the Most of Your Training Budget

There's an unbelievable amount of information and inspiration to acquire in this intensive conference. Come prepared to have your questions answered and learn tricks and techniques that can be applied to any organization at any maturity level. Gaining access to all this information in any other way would take far more time and money.

Be Inspired by Inspiring People

A number of keynote presentations will inspire you to think about your work, career, and life in a new way. In fact, anyone you bump shoulders with can offer value to you whether they are in your vertical industry, similar size organization, or have already mastered your current challenges. You will be surprised by the doors this conference will open.

Develop Your Professional Network

HDI community members and conference alumni, as well as industry leaders who attend HDI conferences don't stop networking when the conference is over. We'll make it easy and fun for you to make connections through the conference app, LinkedIn discussion boards, and other social media tools, that will continue long after you leave.